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August 2017 – in church

After service refreshments are friendly but crushed. We shall have a new sitting area at the back of the church very soon for meetings and fellowship.

May 2017 – a Communion service at Anwoth Old Kirk

View from the gate

Coming in for the service

View from the back of the kirk

Memento Mori

The Kirk viewed from the hills at the back

Through a window

Two dog collars, one priest



April 2017 – Easter Sunday

March 2017












January 2017 – at last, a fine day!

church cross

Christmas 2016

carol-service2 carol-service1

Our thanks to Mr G. Bennett for the following twelve lovely photographs of All Saints, which he took in May 2016 when he and his wife visited the church:

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the Sorbie Recorder Group concert September 10 2016

Di Sorrill at the recorder concert in memory of her husband, David September 10 2016

Di Sorrill at the recorder concert in memory of her husband, David September 10 2016

the Sorbie Recorder Group ensemble for the concert September 10 2016

the Sorbie Recorder Group ensemble for the concert September 10 2016

Candlemas 2016


The Sunday service, 31 January 2016. We lit all the candles to celebrate this lovely service that marks the end of Christmas. It is also celebrated as the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

Christmas 2015 – Midnight Mass


the Christmas tree at the foot of the pulpit


Before the service

After the Sunday service – enjoying meeting friends

CHALLOCH3 869f4152-4043-4574-b46e-ba921013c8eb

Ascension Day at Barhobble Chapel, Elrig


Before the service


….and after

Easter Flowers 2015


a pew end


The Easter Garden


A view of All Saints from across the fields (March 2015)


Mother’s Day 2015: The flowers are ready on the pulpit steps for the children to give to all the ladies in church. Any left at the end of the service will be taken to those who could not be with us today

Christmas 2014:

challoch by floodlight

All Saints by floodlight at the Midnight Mass service

baby-Jesus christmas-tree



Lest We Forget: the wreaths were laid on the centenary of the first day of World War 1 – 14th August 2014


Memorial to Major General the Hon: Alexander Stewart

war-mems-inside1 (1)

War Memorial plaques on the north wall inside the church


A War Grave, situated near the entrance to the churchyard.


At the end of the 11 o’clock Sunday service



a memorial window


One of the floral displays


the outside of the church



One thought on “PHOTO GALLERY UP TO AUGUST 2017

  1. Beautiful – I used to sing in the choir (sometimes just me!) as a child. My god mother Aunty Ray Taylor brought us every Sunday, my brother Patrick and I. My wonderful grand parents, Louis Walter Maitland and Deborah nee Jones are buried here, used to have a memorial bench by the porch. I was recalling our favoured communion hymn, “And now, oh Father, mindful of the love” and praying, and then I wanted to show my husband where Challoch is. Lovely website. Many thanks, Penny McPherson, nee Penelope Maitland-Cullen.

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