March 2018

Finished, done, dusted – and in use!

And on 17 March, we had a ‘Soup and Sweet’ lunch – not so much to raise money but more of a ‘welcome to our new-look church’. We’ve tried to keep the best of the original while at the same time we recognised that we had to have a space where we could meet together in friendship and fellowship.

What better way to start than by having good food together? Even if it was in the middle of a power cut! Honestly, it wasn’t our fault. And we realised the wisdom of retaining the original candleabra – they came into their own.

The ‘chefs’ rose to the occasion magnificently They dashed to friends and family and borrowed camping stoves then in the gloom managed to cook three delicious types of soup as well as hot puds and sauce.

Lots of people came, both old and new friends. We look forward to meeting them again, as we venture forward into new ways of using our lovely church.


We are delighted to announce that the alterations to our beautiful church are nearly complete – there is just the carpet to be laid. We now have a versatile area for sacred and secular use.

Last Thursday 19 October, we had our first Eucharist in the new space: